Supersized Hydraulic Cylinder

NRTEC is one of the most trusted hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in Korea. We have major manufacturing facilities, experienced machining skills, vast production capacity and engineering knowledge to produce supersized hydraulic cylinders as long as 19 meters length up to 50 tons weight. Before delivery, all hydraulic cylinders are tested for leakage, pressure and operation to guarantee their reliable operations.


System Components
  • Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Synchronized Control System





  • Stroke I Max 19m
  • Weight I Max 50ton
  • Internal Honing I Max 2.2m
  • Synchronized Control System
  • Ceramic Coating Rod
  • LVDT, CIMS & Wire Position Sensor


  • Drillship : Wire Tension Cylinder
  • Floodgate of Dam: Gate Control Cylinder
  • Giant Crane: Telescopic Cylinder
  • Press Machine: Ram Cylinder, Non Turn Cylinder



Typical References (Among more than 50 references)


Project Item





MALAYSIA BAKUN Spillway, Intake, Flap Gate Cylinder/ Hydraulic Power Unit/
Synchronized Control System
Ø 600 x Ø 330 x 13,300(Radial) 32
VIETNAM DONG NAI 3, 4 Radial Gate Cylinder Ø 450 x Ø 250 x 9,625 20
FOUR RIVERS RESTORATION Cylinder Ø 320 x Ø 150 x 5,400 32