Ship & Marine Silencers

Fan & Fan Room Silencers / Duct Silencer

A number of fans for ventilation purposes are found in a vessel. Fan & Fan Room Silencers and Duct Silencer are installed at the inlet or outlet of a fan to reduce noise made by a fan.


NRTEC operates an acoustic performance test facility that is validated to ISO 7235, and designs the silencers with optimal balance of dynamic insertion loss and pressure drop.


NRTEC has developed the world’s first GCU (Gas Combustion Unit) silencer for LNG tank ship for the first time in the world that is used to control noise caused by a GCU system and has been acclaimed by customers as its high quality.





Gas Vent Silencer for FGSS & MEGI

Gas Vent Silencer is applied to FGSS(Fuel Gas Supply System) of natural gas engine in order to reduce noise produced during gas emissions.


※ FGSS (Fuel Gas Supply System) is a system to provide ME-GI engine with LNG. This system pressurizes LNG up to 300 bar by using a high-pressure pump and sends the evaporated LNG to ME-GI engine


NRTEC has developed FGSS silencer and provided with marine engine manufacturers.







HVAC Silencer

NRTEC supplies HVAC(Heating, Ventilating and Air Condi-tioning) System that is used to ventilate the ship interior spaces as well as maintain high indoor air quality by heating, venting and air conditioning. In order to cover much large number of customers’ requirements, AHL(Air Handling Unit) Enclosure System is also supplied.


  • Fresh Air Duct
  • Supply Air Duct
  • Exhaust Air Duct





EGP(Exhaust Gas Pipe) Silencer

EGP(Exhaust Gas Pipe) Silencer is applied to marine engines to minimize noise produced during gas emissions.


NRTEC has developed EGP Silencer in the form of resonator geometry to reduce the low noise of marine engine more effectively.