Power Plant Silencers

Steam Vent Silencer / Steam Blowing out Silencer

Steam Vent Silencer & Blowing out Silencer are used to suppress noise generated by the expansion of gas or steam from elevated pressures to atmospheric pressure. To provide reliable silencers, NRTEC conducts analysis of noise, fluid flow and structures, and operates an acoustic performance test facility that is validated to ISO 7235. NRTEC’s engineers utilize the facility to develop new technologies and study field data.


Profiting from more than a decade of experience in manufacturing silencers for steam, natural gas, compressed air, etc., NRTEC provides customized engineering solutions according to fluid velocity, pressures and elevated temperatures.




  • Coal-fired Boiler
  • HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator)
  • Chemical Processing Plant




Main Stack & Bypass Stack Silencers

Main & Bypass Stack Silencers are used to control noise made by gas turbine exhaust systems and can be applied to main stacks or bypass stacks of HRSGs.


NRTEC’s Main Stack & Bypass Silencers are custom engineered with analysis of structures, thermal expansion and fluid flow, and designed based on proven field data, achieving optimal dynamic insertion loss and pressure drop.


  • Main Stack for HRSG
  • Bypass Stack for HRSG
  • Exhaust Duct for Gas Turbine
  • Exhaust System for Stand-by Gas Turbine Generator
  • High Temperature Exhaust Ducts