Marine & Industrial Boilers

Marine Boiler

Boiler steam generated at high temperature and high pressure is used for the heating of ship fuel and the operation of equipment. NRTEC provides optimized boilers with high efficiency considering structural analysis and fluid flow analysis.

* Use of Boiler Steam :

Cargo Tank Cleaning,  Cargo Oil Transfer, Fuel Oil & Lub. Oil Tank Heating, Accommodation Heating 


  • Composite Boiler
  • Auxiliary Boiler
  • Exhaust Gas Boiler
  • Electric Control Panel
  • Burner
  • Fuel Oil Supply Pumps
  • Offshore
  • Commercial Vessels
  • Power Plants





Industrial Boiler (including Heat Exchanger)

NRTEC manufactures medium-sized boilers creating steam or water to be used in various plants. Structural & Fluid Flow analyses are performed to minimize vibration and noise of the boilers.


Products (below 50Ton/Hr)
  • Industrial Boiler
  • Containerized Boiler
  • Exhaust Gas Boiler
  • Thermal Oil Heating System
  • Heat Exchanger


System Features
  • Custom-engineered Design
  • Low Vibration & Low Noise
  • Thermal Expansion & Thermal Flow
    Considered in Designing
  • Easy of Installation & Maintenance


  • Paper Mill / Steel Mill
  • Chemical Plants
  • Diesel / LNG Power Plants