Gas Turbine Generator System

Gas Turbine Generator System is mainly composed of Air Intake System, Exhaust System, Enclosure and Ventilation System


NRTEC is domestically the only supplier for Offshore Gas Turbine Generator System for middle-sized gas turbine generators.

Gas Turbine Generator System requires a variety of specifications according to the conditions at installation site. NRTEC is providing customized solutions based on proven skills and extensive experience in design, engineering and manufacturing of Gas Turbine Systems.





Air Intake System

Air Intake System is used to remove solid particles in the air that enter into a gas turbine, and to provide clean air into a gas turbine. In order to ensure reliable operations of gas turbine, it is important to design the system minimizing pressure loss as well as to select proper filters considering operating conditions. NRTEC Air Intake System is optimized in its performance for gas turbine applications.




Exhaust System
  • Exhaust System is used to discharge exhaust gases away from a gas turbine into the atmosphere.
  • Exhaust System demands the proper material selections and a dedicated design which maintains low pressure level and satisfies the required noise attenuation.





Enclosure & Ventilation System
  • Engineering and design services offered can cover noise criteria, acoustic characteristics and ventilation design.
  • NRTEC’s Enclosure is custom engineered for specific applications ensuring the best acoustical performance and required noise guarantee level.
  • NRTEC’s Enclosure and Ventilation System are designed based on field data proven by extensive track record and analysis of fluid flow & structures



Mobile Generator Set

NRTEC has developed gas turbine mobile generators for backup and emergency services, and provided to nuclear power plants in Korea


  • Enclosure Panel & Roof
  • Exhaust Silencer
  • Control Panel Room
  • Trailer